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Two years later I returned to attend Italian language school again and once again it was a great decision.  Again I lived the dream.  This time 4 of my friends who I met in language school here in Australia joined me. It was so much fun sharing with them all that I had experienced 2 years earlier.

We stayed in the same apartments as I did 2 years earlier.  The apartments are modest but certainly more than adequate.

Pizzeria under apartment complex

The apartments are fully equipped making it easy to prepare meals and eat at “home”.  We often met in each other’s apartments for lunch or dinner.  The supermarket is very close by with almost everything you could possibly want.  I found all foods, wine & beer to be very reasonably priced. The supermarkets in this area are usually closed for siesta for a few hours each afternoon.  Also they are closed on Wednesday afternoons and all day Sunday, as is often the case in many parts of Italy. There is a good selection of bars, cafes, pizzerias and restaurants in Castelraimondo.  They vary in style however they are all reasonably priced. We  dined at Tre Stelle quite often for lunch and dinner. It is a family run business. The food was fabulous as was the service. For great pictures click here

Dinner – Restaurant in Castelraimondo

This school is called EduLingua and is located in Castelraimondo in La Marche area of Italy.  The students come to this school from all over the world, including the US, Canada,  Japan, UK, other parts of Europe, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the list goes on. The ages range from about 18 to 75 (when I was there both times). The social activities after school hours make it very easy to make many new friends.

International Dinner night – Cena Internazionale

International Dinner night

Karaoke night – fun for students and teachers

I found that many of the students were attending for the lifestyle and were not necessarily too serious about studying or learning.  Many times students chose to skip school for the day and head off on their own adventure. Classes are only for 4 hours per day, either morning or afternoon. Even when not attending class you are still learning the language as you are living with the “locals”.  The weekend excursions are quite amazing and include trips to Venice, San Marino, Florence, Rome,  Sienna,  Assissi and many more. They are very full tiring days however so worth the trip. Often this is the only opportunity for students/tourists to see many other parts of Italy. The coaches are very comfortable and modern.

Excursion to Pisa

You can find this school at La scuola

There are hundreds of Italian language schools all over Italy. One of my friends attended 1 in Rome for a month and had a wonderful time and another friend attended 1 in Modena for a month which she enjoyed. If you have the time, think about mixing cities and regional area and experiencing both. The cities are so very different to the regional areas. Another consideration is, in the regional areas mostly only Italian is spoken.