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During my time in language school we visited Camerino many times.  It is a short easy bus trip from Castelraimondo to Camerino.  Certainly, it is easy enough to take the bus up for lunch or dinner or in fact for just a gelato or glass of wine.

Camerino is a small town situated in the centre of the Marche region of Italy, south-west of San Severino. It is a hill top fortified city.

Panorama of Camerino

One of Camerino’s many charming stores

It  is best known for the University of Camerino which claims to be established in 1336. This is one of the prestige universities in Italy and one of the oldest universities in the world.

View from the University

One of our trips to Camerino was for the spade and palio race which is held each year in May. This race which is run in the main square or piazza of Camerino is preceded by a magnificent renaissance parade. Part of the preparation for this race is they dig up all the pavers from the piazza and cover it in sand and then re lay the pavers after the celebrations are finished.

Looking up to Camerino

Camerino has many bars, cafes and restaurants and lots of gorgeous shops.

Shopping in Camerino

We found several lovely restaurants including La Rocca ristorante which is located in a lovely big park overlooking the valleys. The meals here were superb.

View from the restaurant

View from the park in Camerino to Mt Sibilini