After my 4 weeks at school (scuola) my new friend from Brazil, Liane and I hired a car and we went traveling. We drove down the east coast of Italy as far as Otranto and then we headed west towards Naples (Napoli). Each night we stayed at an Agriturismo. I had purchased a book on Agriturismo from the tabacchi store however if you do not have a book, we found that there were always signs indicating the local agriturismo in each town and village we visited. Plus of course you can find them on the net.

Agriturismo is a combination of 2 words, agriculture and tourism. It is a style of accommodation staying in farm house resorts. This style of accommodation was introduced into Italy in 1985 by the Italian government to help the struggling farmers. These agritourismi allowed the small farmer to supplement their income from the farm, and for visitors to sample the enjoyment of a rural life in Italy.

A range of produce at one of the agriturismo

An agriturismo holiday/vacation is suitable for singles, couples or the whole family. Some of these places can be very romantic and luxurious. An Italian agriturismo will usually serve foods to guests prepared from their own or local produce. The agriturismo can be a rustic experience or can feature luxurious accommodation as well as including swimming pools. The evening meal and breakfast is often a family type affair, dining with other guests and or the family. The meals are superb and usually traditional local cuisine.

At one of the agriturismo the owner took us into the local village one evening for drinks and to meet the locals,

Il Giardino – Contursi Termi Agriturismo

at another we were shown around the property by the owner’s son.

View up to the village from the agriturismo in the evening

The food was always superb, traditional, home cooked meals.

The price for the accommodation including the meals was good value.  We stayed in these Agriturismo farms from east to west and then we travelled by ferry to Sardinia where we stayed for 4 nights, traveled around the entire island and once again stayed in Agriturismo.

View from an agriturismo on Sardegnia

We found that at each agriturismo they made us so welcome and in most cases treated us like family. The rooms were always very comfortable –  hotel type rooms with your own ensuite bathroom. The price for the room included

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