On another school excursion, once again we headed off in very comfortable modern coaches from the school – destination Perugia.

It is such an amazing and beautiful city.

Perugia is the provincial capital of Umbria, one of Italy’s most beautiful regions. The ancient heart of the city, packed full of Etruscan and Roman monuments, perches on a hilltop with the modern city spread below.  This city is about 164 kilometers north of Rome

Perugia is a well known artistic centre of Italy and is also know for its annual jazz festivals.

Perugia, has 2 major universities with a constant stream of students from all over the world. The 2 univerisites are : The ancient Università degli Studi (University of Perugia) and the Foreigners University (Università per Stranieri) which is an Italian language and cultural school.

The city offers great shopping, many great bars and restaurants and is known for its dolce (sweets) and chocolate.

Perugia merges ancient and modern very well.  It is a charming city with an historic centre which is small enough to walk around in half a day.  However to really see much more you could easily fill a few days here.

Certain hours of the day, cars are forbidden in the city centre which of course makes walking so much easier. For accommodation there are a few hotels in the city with several monasteries close by.