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After lunch in Monterosso, and coffee in Vernazza we enjoyed our gelati in Manarolo


Manarola  is the second smallest of the famous Cinque Terre towns frequented by tourists and is possibly the oldest village. The main industries are fishing and wine making.

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In recent years, Manarola and its neighboring towns have become popular tourist destinations, particularly in the summer months.

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Part of the walking path

Italy Donna's 2nd card 225Manarola, is another gorgeous village with mostly all of the houses bright and colourful.cinque_terre_hiking_map_1



I found the best way to see the villages completely is by boat.  We went by boat up to Monterosso and then walked or caught the train back passing through all of the villages.

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So, go by boat to see the villages from the water and then explore them individually by foot .

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