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Since my last post on Pievebovigliana I have been asked –

Where is Pievebovigliana.

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Pievebovigliana is located about 70km southwest of Ancona which is on the Adriatic Coast, and about 40km southwest of Macerata.


We visited  Macerata many times, both when we were staying in Pieve and when we were going to school in Castelraimondo.  We took the train from Castelraimondo and drove from Pieve to Macerata.


Pievebovigliana is between the towns of Camerino, Caldarola, Cessapalombo and Fiastra.  It is formed of a number of small hamlets, and lies in the very picturesque valley of the Fornace stream.




There are forests of chestnuts and oak trees in the area around the hamlet called “Isola”, a pinewood at Quartignano and at Boccafornace a Karst spring originating a spectacular lake. The territory has an age-old, still lively traditions of cloth-making on hand-looms, wood carving and honey production.

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To arrive in Pievebovigliana, we took the train from Roma Termini to Foligno  railway station where we were met by our friend Malcolm who drove us to the house in Pievebovigliana.  It was only a 2 hour train trip from Rome.

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On the way from Foligno to the house we stopped at a restaurant in a little village for a prosecco and pizza. Very pleasant.  This is when I was introduced to my favourite pizza. Quattro stagione – 4 seasons

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There are many versions of this compartmentalized pizza, since local ingredients are used.  But, all reflect the ingredients one can find fresh in each of the four seasons.  Spring features artichoke hearts and Fontina cheese. Summer has tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese.  Look for the colours of autumn in mushrooms and red peppers and in winter it is traditionally with onion and potato.


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