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Another trip I took from Venice was to the island of Burano.  Burano is situated 7 kilometers from Venice, a short 40 minute trip by vaporetto.


Murano and Burano Map

Once you leave the vaporetto, after a short walk you will arrive in the centre of the island to  Piazza Galuppi.  You will be encouraged to go in to the shops to see the lovely lace working.

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Burano is very famous for its lace.  However on the island there is also production of venetian masks.

Fishing is also a major industry on this island. Everywhere you look you see the little fishing boats and of course the brightly coloured houses.

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In the main square you will see the elderly ladies laughing and chatting while they do their embroideries.


There are several great eateries where you can enjoy the locally caught fish. If you just feel like a snack I can recommend the gelato which you will find in the bar or you can get one of Burano’s famous sweet dishes, the Bussola or the Esse


There are many colorful houses to see in Burano. Every color of the rainbow is represented. The village is quiet and peaceful.  Enjoy lunch or a drink and buy some lace from a local artist.


Almost every shop on this little island sells lace products. However, beware that there are many cheap foreign products, and the real stuff is quite expensive. In most of the shops in Burano you can tell the hand made lacework from the machine made especially if they are side by side.

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The only way to get around Burano is by foot.

Burano is another must to visit if you have the time while staying in Venice.