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I have been approached by one of my followers, KC Owen,  to write a post for my blog. So, here is her story

Summer is the time when you need to take those opportunities of going abroad and make the most out of your time. Learning new things, meeting unique people and seeing places you’ve never been before is what makes going abroad one of the best things that you can do in college. However, many people think that they lack the funds to make it happen. There are a few tips to traveling cheap and staying for free while abroad. The key is that you have to know where to look and you should look into getting a part-time job before you leave.

Learning to Borrow

It’s not easy to pay for everything with cash. There are times when you can’t afford to pay cash for a plane ticket, find a currency exchange kiosk or just want to grab a quick bite to eat. For those reasons, you should really consider a rewards credit card that works great for travelers. There are a lot of low interest cards out there that will give you some extra cash flow when you need it (and you definitely will) while being overseas. Traveling abroad will be one of the most vulnerable feelings you will ever experience, so keeping a credit card on you is one way to pay for tickets when you need to go somewhere, pay for your hostel stay and make you feel more comfortable. In addition, students can often get a personalized card that’s just made for you. If you understand how to use credit properly, you can make payments on your card and continue to raise your limit. This is ultimately the way that I have been able to travel so easily in the past.

Staying in Hostels

It’s easy to get a stay cheap at a hostel. It’s usually less than $40 and some hostels even have discounts on food/drinks for students. Hostel World is a great app for finding hostels all over the world. You can use this app to plan your entire trip. You should make sure that you check in early to popular hostels or you may wind up on the street. In addition, you can also use Couchsurfing; this a cool website that lets you meet people who will give up their couches for a night (for free). The site is totally free and allows you to meet tons of travelers like yourself. It’s probably the best way to find someone around where you’re headed. You should always call beforehand and check in with the host before showing up on their doorstep with your bag in hand.

Find a Job Abroad

There are a lot of student programs out there that will work with traveling students. In addition, you can find jobs posted on the overseas universities or even look for extra help on message boards. Once you’re in town, look for places that are hiring. It definitely helps if you know the local language as well. If you can’t find work where you are, why not look online? There are a lot of online jobs that you can work any time of day, anywhere that you go so it’s easy to get that cash flow even if you’re already on vacation. If you do choose to find a job overseas, be sure to get a work visa or you might find yourself in some trouble.

In addition, pack lightly and try to refrain from purchasing souvenirs. You can allow pictures, memories and people to be the real experiences that you cherish while abroad.

KC Owen