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Each time I have been to the Mont Sibillini we have spent a day in the lovely town of Norcia.


Norcia, is a town in the province of Perugia in southeastern Umbria.


The area is known for its mountaineering and hiking. It is also widely known for hunting, especially of the wild boar (cinghiale), and for sausages and ham made from wild boar and pork. There are many shops in Norcia selling these local products which also include apples, honey, truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts, chickpeas and  vin cotto or cooked wine.

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There are several ways of travelling to Norcia. We went by car the last time I was there – a beautiful drive up.  When we were in school in  Castelraimondo we travelled by coach.  If travelling by train you can arrive at Ascoli Piceno, Spoleto, and Camerino and then take the bus up


Each time I have been to Norcia has been in Autumn which is just so lovely.  I am sure Summer and spring would be great.  Winter is very cold and snowy which is a great attraction to cross-country skiers and other winter sport enthusiasts.

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The area offers many different sports including mountain biking, horseback riding, hang gliding, paragliding, and climbing.

For me I am happy to stick to the town streets and enjoy the artistic, cultural, culinary, and historic traditions that have arisen and endured here over the centuries. There is a very good choice of restaurants and cafes offering  the local cuisine.

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The last time I visited there was one of their many festivals in the main piazza.

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From Norcia we then travelled to Castellucio.


I look forward to my next trip to Norcia which I will plan for spring/summer to see the flowers especially the poppies.