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While we were renting the house in Pievebogliana, we visited the little town of Muccia many times.


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Muccia is a municipal in the Province of Macerata in the region of Marche , located about 70 km southwest of Ancona and about 40 km southwest of Macerata and only about 7 km from Camerino.

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In the small central piazza there is an excellent restaurant with a menu specializing in many of the local produce including porcini mushrooms, truffles and game, including Cinghiale (wild boar), venison, partridge, pheasant and woodcock. They are cooked, using recipes from the local area – the food is simple and authentic.

We also met with friends a few times at a little bar, I Giardini.
Muccia is a small, sleepy town with lovely ancient buildings. There are a few hotels and B&B’s in the Muccia area if you ever feel like a peaceful break.

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We stayed in the area close by for a month and were never short of things to do. Of course you do need your own transport. We drove to Camerino, Macerata, Castelraimondo, Madelena and other small towns in the area often.

On the way to Muccia

On the way to Muccia

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