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Hello from Vanuatu
I flew into the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila from Australia. It is about a 2 3/4 hour flight out from my home town of Brisbane.  Port Vila which is on the main island of Efate is the largest city.  Vanuatu is some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 miles) east of northern  Australia.

Vanuatu is an island archipelago consisting of approximately 82 relatively small islands.

The official languages are Bislama, French and English. The currency is Vanuatu Vatu.


We are staying at a lovely house on Paradise Bay at Havannah Harbour. There is no power in the area so the electricity is created by a generator here at the house which is powered by solar. There is no tv, the water is bore water and cooking is with gas.

The house from the beach

The house from the beach

Looking down from the house

Looking down from the house

It is so naturally lovely and so very peaceful.

My first day of exploring was driving part way around this island. Our first stop was at the Havannah resort for coffee.

Havannah Resort

Havannah Resort

DSCF3313 DSCF3312

Then we continued to drive through and stop at lovely little local villages along the way. About 80% of the locals live in the rural areas in small villages of about 50 people.


The locals or NiVan are always walking, probably they are not able to afford cars. As you drive by, they always wave and we always respond. It is the custom to always wave and say hello.

We stopped at several road side markets and stalls.

DSCF3323 DSCF3324 DSCF3322

Although it is a very poor country the people seem to be so happy and just so friendly.

DSCF3331 DSCF3328

We stopped for lunch at the Beach Comber Resort. It is anything but a resort, however it was an experience. It has hot springs inside the “restaurant” and there was a band playing, very humble but delightful. It started to rain so the band came inside.

DSCF3345 DSCF3342 DSCF3343 DSCF3344

We stopped to take photos often. It sure is a photographer’s dream location. The vegetation is so lush and tropical, the road side stalls so colourful, the signs so interesting and it is beautiful.



It was church day in Vanuatu so there were “services” everywhere we went.


New Church. Scaffolding, island style

New Church. Scaffolding, island style

We were always made so welcome as we drove slowly by or walked past. The services are not always in a church.

To the locals, their children, their land and their pigs are special.


Life in Vanuatu moves at a gentle pace. It offers a carefree lifestyle and excellent tourist facilities. There is just so much to see and do here.