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Havannah Harbour is around the other side of Efate from Port Vila and was once quite remote. Things have changed over the years. There are a few facilities you can enjoy these days, although the area itself is still quite isolated from infrastructure.


The view from Gideon’s Landing


Havannah Harbour, where I am staying was the location for the series of Survivor Vanuatu several years ago. It was – Survivor: Vanuatu — Islands of Fire

The base for the set was at Gideon’s Landing which is 5 minutes from the house. We met up with Gideon George the owner of the landing and the Havannah Eco Resort.

Gideon has lived here all of his life and told us so much about this gorgeous area. He also offered to take us out in his boat and show us the harbour however we did not have the time and had to decline.  Gideon’s resort which consists of 4 waterfront Bungalows was built after the filming of the television show and is about 30 mins from Port Vila. (Ps.  my photos were all taken over a few days,  the skies change so much here.)  The weather has been perfect the whole time with rain at night.


Water front bungalows

Waterfront bungalows

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The location for this eco resort is just so lovely.  The bungalows have all facilities. 

Just up the road from here is the Havannah Resort where you can enjoy a lovely meal and enjoy magnificent views.


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On this side of the island you really do need your own transport. There are the little buses but I prefer to be independent.

Further up the road, there is a gorgeous little WWII museum (in a small hut) run by a local character which is well worth a visit.


There are market stalls on the sides of the road where you can buy bananas and locally grown produce. Just to stop and chat with the people who run these stands is a pleasure as they are always to friendly and happy to have a chat.