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Paradise with a capital P.

Yes another post on Vanuatu. I just cannot help myself, this is such a beautiful country and I have so many beautiful photos I want to share.


We have seen so much

Here are just a few of the highlights.

We visited Hideaway Island which is a short “ferry” ride from the mainland. It costs 1000 vatu which covers return trip on the ferry plus use of the beach lounge chairs. Hideaway Island is the most perfect spot for snorkelling or scuba diving.

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Just above Port Vila is Klehms Hill lookout where we met the head of the village here and his grandchildren. He showed us around his little piece of paradise and was happy to chat for as long as we wished. What an amazing place to live with its billion dollar views.

DSCF3388 DSCF3390 DSCF3391 DSCF3392

Just up the road from us on Havannah Harbour Francesca has opened a new Mediterranean restaurant called Shanti Havannah. This restaurant which is predominately Italian is stunning. We stopped in for a coffee and stayed for lunch. The views, meals and décor are first class.

DSCF3444 DSCF3440 DSCF3436 DSCF3432

Havannah Harbour, Vanuatu is the most amazing place to stay. It is one of the most relaxing holidays I have had. If you enjoy swimming, snorkelling, boating or any water sports, this is the place. It is totally unspoiled and just so natural. 

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