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After a 9 hour flight from Brisbane we arrived in this unbelievable city. Words could not describe the atmosphere here. It is very humid even though it is now autumn, the traffic is non stop incredible with the persistent tooting of car horns.


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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and probably the most well known city in Thailand.


Everywhere you turn there are people and shops in every available space. Everywhere there are people cooking and selling their foods, some smelling so delicious and some with smells I would rather forget.


I have visited Bangkok a few years ago so this trip is mainly a stop over on the way to other places including a trip to the River Kwai, 5 nights in Chang Mai and 4 nights Pataya.

So while we are here, it is all about the shopping, exploring and eating.


We have visited many shopping malls and of course shopped at the markets which are along the streets and in all the little lanes. One of the grandest malls is Pantip Plaza and that is a story on its own. Pantip Plaza is an indoor IT shopping mall where you can purchase counterfeit software and genuine knockoff dvds.

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Getting around is easy as there are many tuk tuks for when you are tired of walking. These tuk tuks come with natural air conditioning as they have no windows, they are totally open. Driving them would take nerves of steel as they are so brazen and bold. I just find that I laugh the entire time while holding my breath and hanging on tightly. Is that possible, yes it is.


The shopping here in Thailand is hard to believe with people looking for bargains and vendors trying to get through with their merchandise on their carts. I have found so many weird and wonderful things that I didn’t even know existed. It almost feels that if you cannot find it in Thailand then it doesn’t exist. For someone who loves to shop, this is heaven even though it is hot and humid which wins in the end. That is when you go back to your room for a rest and to cool off or to a restaurant with air conditioning to escape the heat. Or of course stay in one of the many large shopping malls.


I suppose this is not for everyone, but for me, I love the excitement even though I don’t like humidity.


Bangkok is exciting, fascinating, busy, noisy and so much fun. There is something to do and see no matter where you turn.

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