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River Kwai

We were picked up from our hotel in Bangkok at 6am and driven by coach into the Kanchanaburi province where we stopped by the river Kwai and then we transferred to the “James Bond Boat”. Apparently it is called this as it was used in one of the James Bond Movies. We then took this fast boat up the river to the Bridge over the River Kwai.

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We walked across the bridge and also took the small tourist  train across. It is easy to move out of the way of the train when walking across.

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Walking on the bridge itself gave me a feeling of sadness and pride. We learned about this place in school but I did not truly appreciate it until I spent some time here. It truly is an amazing experience.

For us Aussies, this bridge which was built by Aussies and Brits during World War II is a big part of our history. The Bridge over the River Kwai became famous all over the world when it was featured in a movie and in books.

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The bridge is now a tourist destination and every year there is a festival to mark the anniversary of the Allied Bombing on November 28, 1944

This area is about 130 kms west of Bangkok. You can travel here by regular bus from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok or you can travel with an organised tour.  We actually took the 2 day over night tour which gave us a night on a river raft resort.  This was another amazing experience that I will share with you soon.

If you do visit Thailand and you have the opportunity to visit The Bridge over the River Kwai, I highly recommend this wonderful experience. You can do the entire trip in a day but 2 days would be better.

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