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Whenever I have overseas visitors I make sure that I show them as much of Brisbane as possible. One of the special places we visit is the James Street Markets which are located in popular New Farm in Brisbane city.  I always feel special when I go to these unique markets and I know that my friends always appreciate visiting them.


The wide, open building with high ceilings, big windows, and outdoor areas really allows the shops and cafes within it to shine.

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I love so many things about this urban oasis which include the many eateries, bars, cafes & shopping  which are all under one roof.  The highlight has to be the fruit and vegetable market with the freshest excellent quality fruit and vegetables available.

Then right next to the fruit and vegetables there are shelves and chilled sections with gourmet cheeses, yoghurt, dips, condiments, pasta, sauces, gelati etc.

James Street Markets is a must for any gourmet food lovers in Brisbane.  Fresh meat, fresh fish and fresh fruit and vegetables are plentiful.


James Street Market also has a top quality  butcher, a florist, a gelato bar,  cafe/deli,  bar/restaurant,  bottle shop, and a couple of other miscellaneous stores. There is a really nice, casual, urban vibe at James Street Market, where you can shop for groceries, have a drink, or have a meal all in one place.

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This is the perfect place to find food for a special occasion and the perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon