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20140201_183406I take my hat off to Brisbane and its latest creation – The Eat Street Markets.  Has anyone heard of the Eat Street Markets?  Well It seems that most of my friends have not heard of them but judging by the amount of people who were there on Saturday night it appears that many of Brisbane’s residents know of this fabulous new venture.

The reason I know about the markets is from when we were on the cruise in November when Jake and Elle from My Kitchen Rules told us about them. Jake and Elle have a “pop up restaurant” called Chitty Bahn Bahn.


These exciting new Markets is something never seen before in Brisbane.  They consist of old specially designed shipping containers which look like they have all been painted blue.


We wandered around the “pop up stalls” and the “pop up restaurants”.  There are plenty of places to sit as there are funky seats and tables everywhere.  It is a great place to mingle, listen to the live bands, have a drink at one of the several pop up bars, enjoy a snack or a complete meal.  Anyone and everyone’s taste can be catered for as there is cuisine from all over the world.  There are more choices on offer than I have ever experienced in any other market type venue anywhere in the world.

Eat Street Markets

It was a fantastic night and just so easy. Imagine sitting by the Brisbane River enjoying an inexpensive meal and catching the nice cool breezes. We were spoilt for choice as there were so many delights from Asian, South American, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Turkey, the list is endless.  We chose the Japanese pizza, mostly from curiosity and even though it was yummy it was a little too rich for me.  I also had my first potato slinkie, very nice . They would go great with a cold beer or glass of wine. I then ended with a gelato.  The Italian Connection.


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I will be going back to these markets often and eat my way around the entire markets.  It will take a very long time but it will be a lot of fun.

The “pop up shops” also offer a wonderful browse and include:  herbal soaps, jewellery, clothing, art, flower arrangements, homewares, and much much more.


There were plenty of families with young children, babies in strollers etc and doggies on leads.  This is a great place to stroll offering entertainment and eateries that would appeal to any age and, a tribute to Brisbane to have a funky venue like this

There was plenty of free parking nearby and the markets are a short stroll from the Portside cruise terminal.


These amazing Asian style bustling markets are only open on Friday and Saturday nights and offer a great night out for all ages.  They are a must see.