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San Gimignano is a magnificent old medieval town up on the hill in the province of Siena, Tuscany in north central Italy.

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The authentic romanesque architecture of the whole place is very well-preserved, especially the centre.  In the very heart of the town is the triangular-shaped square called Piazza della Cisterna which is the main piazza.

The main Piazza

The main Piazza

The Piazza is a lively square, full of people and has a wonderful atmosphere. It is a good place to explore some of the delights of the town, or simply relax in a local cafe or bar and watch the world go by.


From the Piazza, it is only a short walk to many of the vantage points that San Gimignano offers of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. These views are simply stunning. No visit to Tuscany is complete without a visit to this medieval town.

We explored its narrow alleys and discovered so many interesting little shops and houses. Walking around San Gimingnano is like walking back in time.  We felt like we were back in medieval times. It is a quiet little town without the crush of tourists and students.


You can travel to San Gimignano by car, train or bus from Milan in the north, Rome in the south or Florence. Travelling by train you come in to Florence. By air you can fly into Pisa airport or Florence airport and then connect to San Gimignano by train or bus


When we travelled to San Gimignano while staying in Florence we took the bus from the sita bus terminus next to the main train station in Florence. The station was a brisk walk from the monastery and only took about 15 mins.  There are regular buses from Florence and Siena. We took the bus to Poggibonsi where we had time for a coffee and dolce before taking the bus up to San Gimignano.

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San Gimignano is very much worth the trip if you are staying in Florence. The city’s many towers make it one of the prettiest in the Tuscan area and the countryside views are breathtaking. There are numerous shops and enoteca wine stores with good selections of wine and spirits. The city is not easily accessible for people with wheelchairs or walking problems as it sits on a hill and is a bit steep in areas


There are so many eateries to choose from that you’re bound to find something you like. Many have traditional Tuscan menus


Thursday is market day and the Piazza is then full of vendors selling primarily clothing and fabric with limited food.

If you are in the area, San Gimignano, the city of beautiful towers, is a must visit. Like many of the mediaeval towns and cities in Tuscany the centre is essentially vehicle free and parking is a challenge.

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Panoramic photos are from Wikipedia.