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I always love the markets in Italy and today at Campo de Fiori is no exception. As I sit here sipping my cappuccino,  I watch the excitement of the vendors and the people looking and buying.  It is such an interesting exciting atmosphere and just so entertaining. I wonder why this market has such a great feel. Is it the “Buon Giorno and Ciao” constantly being called out by the locals to their friends and colleagues? Maybe. Whatever it is, it feels fabulous.


Campo dei Fiori (field of flowers) is a lovely, cute, adorable square, not too big and not too small.


We have an apartment very close to these markets. We can wander up for coffee, lunch or dinner. No matter what time we are there, it is full of activity and is exciting. I could easily say that it is one of my favourite parts of Rome. Thank you Donna for introducing me to this wonderful Piazza.


Amid the hustle and bustle of this busy city, this is a welcome respite

Fodor’s guide tells us that this Piazza has had an outdoor market since 1869 and that the square was the site of public executions during the Inquisition. The fellow memorialized by the central statute [Giordano Bruno – a philosopher] was burned at the stake here in 1600. . The marketplace is open in the mornings Monday through Saturday. Amazingly they set this up every morning and take it down every afternoon


It offers beautiful flowers; a pleasant fountain to sit on the rim of; the statue of Bruno, and of course numerous stalls selling pasta, olive oils, dried mushrooms and dried fruits, limoncello and spices, clothes and of course beautiful fresh produce.

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Numerous cafes and restaurants are located here including Forno’s which is famous for its pizza and pastries.



Campo de Fiori is only a short walk from the Piazza Navona, or you can cross the Tiber River walking bridge and go over to Trastevere. Do not miss the area; it is locals and we enjoyed every single minute here!!

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Campo de Fiori is a perfect central location within walking distance of major sites, as well as many excellent cafes and restaurants,. It is so fun people watching day and night.