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Saturday was another magnificent day. We started off by walking up to the next village, La Villa.          We had no fixed plans and were open to suggestions so we popped in to the tourist information office, which is only open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am till 1pm. We soon learned that even though we were open to any ideas we were very restricted as we were on foot and the buses were  not running after about 9.30am till about 1.30pm.

As luck would have it, there was a man in the office using the internet who overheard our conversation, and, spoke English, who offered to give us a ride up to San Cassiano, which is up the mountain from here. From there we worked out that we could then take a bus at 2pm up to Montefegatesi.

So, we accepted the ride with this very nice man who not only drove us to San Cassiano, but he also walked us around the village to show us where everything is. All  within about 100 metres. The museum and the church were both closed up so he made a phone call and a man came to open up and show us around.

We told our kind man, that after we looked around we would  like to have lunch before heading up to Montefegatesi so he informed the local bar owner and booked us in for lunch. This is nothing like making a normal lunch  reservatiionn, this  is about letting the local bar owner know that 2 people would like lunch cooked for them.

We walked around the village and the surrounding paths. The village is surrounded by green hills and mountains and of course magnificent vistas.

We then went in to the museum which is only very small but very old. The wooden carving of the boy on the horse is about 800 years old.


Once again, it was our lucky day. There were 3 people in the museum also who were  taking professional photos of unusual things. One of these men from Milano spoke English and happily translated what the curator had to say.

From here we went in to the old church which dates back to the 8th century. We were captivated for quite some time as there are many unusual carvings in the stone which reminded me of aliens, very interesting and different. Once again, our new friend from Milano explained everything in English to us.



The little stairs where the priest enters to access his "balcony"

The little stairs where the priest enters to access his “balcony”

From the church, after saying good-bye to our new Milano friends we headed up to the bar for lunch. As with most of these type of places in these sleepy little villages, the meal is whatever is on the menu for the day. So we sat back with our glass of wine and waited while some delicious meals were cooked and brought out to us. The food was local, fresh and wonderful. 4 Courses and a carafe of wine later we left to take the 2pm bus (which came at 1.40) up to Montefegatesi.