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While we were staying in Stresa, every day was an adventure as there was just so much to see and do. Certainly much more to do than we had time for. Possibly to stay a few months would give us the opportunity to see it all but that is not realistic so we made sure that every post was a winner for us in the time that we were there.

As you know from travelling, every now and then you need a “chill day” where you get a chance to catch your breath but you also know that you still want to get out and see more. So on these special “chill” days we chose to explore places that were close to “home”, easy to get to and yet still great.

On this particular “chill” day, our choice was to visit the lovely village of Baveno.



Once again, we travelled by ferry-boat up the lake to Baveno.

Here are some of the lovely sights along the way.

It was a cool, overcast  and slightly rainy day but still delightful. Baveno is a small lakeside town situated on the most panoramic point of Lake Maggiore and just a couple of miles from Stresa.

The town has a pleasant promenade and plenty of bars where you can sit out by the lake and enjoy a drink or an ice-cream and take in  the beautiful view of the Borromeo Islands in front.





The town itself is a maze of narrow cobbled streets and the highlight is the little 16th century square which has wonderful Stations of the Cross, the Church of Saints Gervasio and Protasio and a small octagonal baptistery.

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Baveno is famous for Baveno Pink Granite. The Vittorio Emanuele Galleria in Milan is built with Baveno Pink Granite. So are the columns of the Paris Opera House, the Church of St. Charles in Vienna, and the statue of Christopher Columbus in New York City. Many other well-known landmarks around the globe in fact, have chosen this granite, because of its distinctive appearance and colour.

The walk way along the lake in Baveno is paved with pink granite from Baveno.

Photo courtesy of Stesa Sights

Photo courtesy of Stresa Sights

We visited the Baveno Travel agency / local information office which is right by the ferry terminal, where we met and chatted with the owner about Baveno. She was very helpful and delightful. She told us about an Australian lady who bought an apartment in Baveno a few years ago who now visits Baveno and stays in her apartment every year for a few months. I was only a “little” envious.

The airport shuttle coach which we took from Stresa also travels from Baveno to the Milano airport regularly, only taking about an hour which makes it just so easy to visit this lovely village.