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​I am often asked by friends,
“What is your infatuation with Italy?”
“Why do  you go to Italy so often?”

So I thought I would tell you some of the  reasons I enjoy Italy and why I return often

There are actually many reasons I do return regularly so I thought I would just tell you about a few at a time, rather than write a very long blog story.

So, here goes
One of my favourite outings is the local markets

The markets in Italy, which range from flea markets to antique and food markets, all tell an interesting and unique story. I have been to many markets all over Italy, including very small markets in little local villages to the large markets in the cities, including Campo dei Fiori in Roma, San Lorenzo in Firenze, the fish markets in Venezia, and one of my favourite markets is in Verbania on Lago Maggiore.  The atmosphere is always exciting and fun.  I always find something to buy and when I stay in the area I purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and often cheeses, pastries and meats from these local markets.


Going market shopping is one of the nicest things to do during your free time. But if you think you need to spend a lot of money in Italy to get real good buys, you’re wrong, as there are lots of places where to find beautiful objects and clothes for relatively cheap.

From books to clothes, from house bric a brac to jewellery and toys, you can really get lucky at the flea market and buy a treasure in charming little stalls at one of the many street markets.

Wherever you go in Italy, you’ll always find a town or a village with an open street market.

Generally speaking, towns will have one day a week when the market comes to town and usually in the mornings. They start quite early and pack up to leave just after lunch.  However, the San Lorenzo markets in Firenze are open 7 days a week.

If you’re not a foodie when you arrive in Italy, you just might be one by the time you leave.  At these markets  you don’t need to have a big travel budget to get into traditional Italian Food. Just  have a sense of adventure, and seek out the  market days where you are staying or visiting. Each and every market offers its own uniqueness selling the local produce which is in season.

While most tourists only happen upon markets by accident other people treat these markets as attractions all by themselves. They’re colourful and lively, and in my opinion a great day out.

Depending on the size of the market, you could buy just about everything you’d ever want from a hastily set-up table or from the back of a van that only pulls up once a week.

Generally in the smaller villages , the markets are usually  small and specialize mostly in fresh fruit, veges and foodstuffs. However sometimes there are vendors offering clothing and or household items for sale.  Just a word of advice,  Don’t touch the merchandise!  You don’t get to touch what you’re buying until you have paid for it. This may seem strange, because, you’re thinking, how do I know if the fruit etc is to my liking?  But in Italian markets, unless you have been given permission to serve yourself by the vendor, you’ll tell them what you want and how much of it you want and they’ll get it for you. This rule usually only applies to foods, eg fruits and vegetables.

If you are looking for a fun and interesting outing with the locals, check out their local street markets.