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On my way to lunch at Buca di Baldabo restaurant in the village of Vico Pancellorum I noticed a sign pointing to Limano.


So, I turned left and drove a couple of kilometres up the hill to the sleepy little village of Limano.


 There was no sign of any sort of activity although from the lovely gardens and well presented houses it was very clear that it was well and truly inhabited.

What a delightful discovery.

With my camera I went for a look around this lovely little village. It was very cold and lightly raining which I had not been prepared for but I was keen to see it all so I wondered around taking photos.

As I stopped to look at the cosy little houses the thought goes through my mind, why do people live in these isolated villages?  Do the young ones stay? What happens to the villages if all the young leave to pursue education and careers?

Limano, which has a population of about 102 inhabitants  is about a 15 minute drive from Ponte a Serraglio. The roads are steep and winding with many picturesque photo opportunities along the way.

 Around the area of Bagni di Lucca there are many of these lovely little villages. I did get to explore several of them but there are still plenty more for me to see another time.