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Any one who knows me, knows I Love dogs.

On my last trip to Italy I had not even left Brisbane airport and I was already missing my little Buddy.  Gosh, how was  I going to survive for 7 weeks in Italy without my best little friend.

2013 Xmas-41

I did in fact survive.  but I can tell you I not only noticed every doggie that passed by but I also photographed every doggie I saw.

Fortunately, dogs in Italy are a part of the Italian life.

Every day  when I ventured out for my morning cappuccino, I almost always got my canine fix for the day. Strange as it may sound, dogs are often more welcome than people. Dogs in Italy are treated as good as if not even better than humans.  And it shows.  Dogs meld in to every day life there because that is just the way it is.

Folks take their dogs into expensive clothing stores, in fact all kinds of stores, and dogs hang out with the shopkeeper owners in doorways watching passersby. They are often on public transport including trains and buses.  They zoom around on vespas wedged between their owner’s feet on the floorboard and you will often find them at the cafe or bar or restaurant where you stop for your morning coffee or a meal.  Actually the only place I did not see a dog was in the supermarkets.

My first experience of encountering dogs on public transport was a great surprise but it did not take long for me to accept it as perfectly normal.

We often took the bus from Ponte a Serraglio to Lucca and other villages and several times a young woman hopped on the bus with her dog Dana. The bus driver would open the back door of the bus and the 2 of them would enter through the back. We chatted with the lady who turned out to be an Australian living in the Bagna di Lucca area.

One of the things I noticed most about the dogs in Italy is they are so fit and healthy.  In fact I have never seen a fat dog in Italy. They are extremely well behaved. They are usually kept on a short leash while walking and they walk close to their owner.  They always seem to be happy also.

I miss my little Buddy but I sure have lots of doggie contact each time I am in Italy.