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Today is St Francis World Animal Day. In church this morning we celebrated St Francis blessing of the animals which I take Buddy to each year.  There were about 20 dogs there this morning, all shapes and sizes. And, I might add, all very well behaved. There was 1 small cat and a small pet parrot.

This custom is conducted in remembrance of St. Francis of Assisi’s love for all creatures. So, in honour of this special day I have re blogged a post of mine about Assisi which is famous as the birthplace of St. Francis.


Assisi is a small hill top medieval town of about 25,000 people in Umbria.  Assisi holds religious, historical, and artistic significance.


The basilica of St. Francis, completed in 1253, is only one of many beautiful churches in Assisi.


The cathedral of San Rufino, the basilica of Santa Chiara, and the Chiesa Nuova are also worth a visit.

Assisi is quite small and easy to get around on foot, just take it easy as there are many hilly streets.  Be sure also to take a walk among Assisi’s medieval houses and shops.


Most of the cobblestone streets and alleys will take you to the basilica of St. Francis.


It’s a good idea to rent the audio guide to appreciate the artistic and historical significance of this unique church. The walls and ceilings of the upper church are embellished with frescoes of the Giotto school; the lower sanctuary contains the tomb of St. Francis.



This is still a place of prayer so please be quiet as you wander around in this magnificent basilica.


There are many eateries, bars, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and gelaterias in Assisi.


The many shops display a variety of local arts and crafts, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics and reproductions of medieval weapons and tools. Embroidery and chocolate manufacturing are also typical of the area. Religious items are best purchased at the gift shop behind the lower level of St. Francis basilica.


Bless all animals.