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Each time I visit  Cinque Terre I like to spend time in Lerici.  On my first visit here we  drove to Lerici where we found easy parking in one of the car parks and then it was an easy walk to the beach. It will cost you about 10 euro for the day but make sure you have coins as it is almost impossible to obtain change from any of the businesses in the area.  Or, there is a large pay parking lot between Lerici and San Terenzo with a shuttle bus that takes you into town or you can walk to either village from the parking area.

Lerici can also be reached by ferry from La Spezia, Portovenere, and Cinque Terre. Small ferries between the Gulf of Poets villages run mainly in summer.

Lerici is a town  in the province of La Spezia in Ligura, and part of the Italian Riviera. It is situated on the coast of the Gulf of La Spezia. It is known as the place where the poet Percy Shelley drowned.

Once into Lerici you will marvel at the quaint town clinging to the seaside cliffs above the marina. If you are a keen swimmer, try the blue mile swim across the bay, conveniently marked by buoys. But, you don’t need to be a keen swimmer to enjoy the beautiful clear, clean water.

A little paradise where you can manage what to do depending on your budget:  it is a free beach and if you wish  you can hire a sunbed and umbrella.

On the beach there are plenty of beach beds, chairs and umbrellas, but I was always happy to lie on a large rock and jump in to the beautiful crystal clear water regularly to cool off.

The coastline has a great walking path along the water and plenty of bars and restaurants to visit.

Laze away an afternoon gazing at the lovely buildings in Tuscan yellows and oranges, or take the stairs up to the castle, or enjoy yet another yummy gelato.

There are excellent views from the famous castle of Lerici, San Terenzo and across the bay to Portovenere. You can take the stairs or there is a lift to the top. The views of the poets gulf are worth the effort.


The castle is at the end of the beach, very close to the centre of San Terenzo.

While in Lerici, I rarely heard English spoken here as Lerici is mainly an Italian tourist town. It has become one of my new favourites. It is easy to park and walk down to the centre, very dog friendly everywhere, not crowded and stunningly beautiful

It is a beautiful location at night time right after sunset and there is plenty of action late into the night.