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To be exact, Lucca

Yes, I am here.

2 days ago I flew out of Brisbane bound for Roma, Italy.

I arrived in Rome early yesterday morning. I had booked a driver to take me directly from the airport to the Roma Central train station, Termini. 

As we drove through the streets towards termini, I sat back, taking in the familiar sights, listening to the Rome radio station that was playing softly on the car’s radio, and I smiled. It felt good to be back.

It did not take long to arrive at the train station as it was still very early,  but once arriving, I knew I was alive. The crowds and the noise and the sheer excitement was almost overwhelming. Termini is a very daunting and busy place especially if you are out of practice and also travelling with luggage.  I am sure that many of my fellow travellers understand

About an hour and a half later my train arrived, La Frecciarossa.  It’s destination,  Milano, with my stop Firenze (Florence) on the way. The Frecciarossa is a very comfortable and very fast rain.

As we sped through the magnificent country side at about 200+ kilometers an hour I just relaxed, sat back  and took a few photos along the way.

An hour and a half later we arrived in Firenze. After purchasing my train ticket for Lucca I went to have a light lunch as I had almost 2 hours to wait for the next train.

Then it was on to the local train which stopped at every station between Firenze and Lucca. It sure is an interesting way to take in the local way of life.

After a short taxi ride I arrived at our lovely apartment which is within the walls of beautiful Lucca.

It feels good. I am back.