I am back in one of my favorite places – Bagni di Lucca in Tuscany.   It is just as beautiful as I had remembered.

The weather has been very changeable with a few days of winter and then perfect spring days. The nights are still cold but the days are warm, sometimes hot, and gorgeous.


Views from the apartment.


Here in Ponte a Serraglio, a village in Bagni di Lucca, our day always starts with coffee and a pastry at Il Monaco, in the piazza, which is only a minute walk from the apartment.  It is always a friendly and social event with the constant “buongiorno ” and “ciao ” as my new friends are always popping in for their morning coffee. It is a very pleasant and civilised  way to start a  day. Something I could easily adopt into my every day living.



Our day usually ends with an aperativo across the piazza at Bar Italia where once again it is the constant  greetings of “ciao”and “buona sera” with  friends. There is always someone to sit with, chat and enjoy a glass of vino. I love this time of the day. We can stay on for dinner or head off, either back to the apartment or to one of the local restaurants.



Occasionally we have eaten lunch at Bar Italia where they make a wonderful Mediterranean salad.


View from the bar.


So much of the socializing is in this piazza where Bar Italia and Il Monaco are, with always many familiar faces and some new ones. There are many expats living or staying for extended periods of time in the area so for us non-Italian speakers there is  plenty of English spoken.

This is a truly delightful area to spend time.