Our goal destination was La Croce di Brancoli. The Brancoli Cross is  a monument that dominates the plains of Lucca and the lower Serchio valley. 


Croce di Brancoli

We drove out of Ponte a Serraglio, on a gorgeous spring day, with the top down, following alongside the river.

We drove past the spectacular Ponte della Maddalena  or Ponte del Diavolo – Devil’s bridge near the town of Borgo a Mozzano –  heading towards Lucca.



After about 15 minutes of driving we turned left, and started driving up hill towards the Pieve Di Brancoli



The roads were getting steeper and narrower the higher we drove. They were so narrow in parts it was difficult and quite precarious to pass other vehicles. We got many looks of admiration, thumbs-up and great happy “ciaos”.  We stopped along the way to take in the magnificent views and of course take photos.


The Maserati

Eventually we ran out of surfaced road and started to drive on unimproved roads which finally stopped us. The roads were full of divots and pot holes and just too dangerous to drive a very low, expensive car. So, we left the car and continued on foot. For a very long walk. We walked and talked, and walked and took breaks.  As you can expect in such a divine location, the views were stunning.





The View

We actually did not make it all the way up to the top to see the cross.  I was the one who ran out of energy.

But, it really was OK.  I  was in a magnificent motor vehicle, in the mountains in Tuscany,  on a gorgeous day with a very interesting man.  Perfetto

Croce di Brancoli is built in the highest part of Brancoleria. The views would be breath taking, so maybe another time I will try to reach it again, in a smaller vehicle that can handle the rough roads and then I won’t need to walk so far.

In fact,  the entire area is very interesting with scatterings of bunkers which were used in WWII. It would be a wonderful place to spend a full day, hiking, picnicking, taking photos and just breathing in the beauty.



A great way to spend my last day  in Bagni di Lucca

Thank you Mr B