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The markets in Lucca are on every Wednesday and Saturday morning, in Via dei Bacchettoni.


Lucca Markets

I am a big fan of the local markets in Italy and always make a point of visiting them if my visit coincides with the days they are on.  Sometimes, I buy lots of different items, sometimes I buy just some lovely fresh local produce, and sometimes I just go to enjoy the local atmosphere and sit centrally and enjoy a locally made delicacy.

On this last trip to Lucca, we headed out from our apartment early to not only enjoy these rather large markets but also to beat some of the crowds. After wandering and exploring for a while, we took time to sit on some “child-size”chairs to enjoy our first coffee and dolce of the day, and, of course, people watch.

These markets set up in the early morning and start taking down about 1 or 2 pm, so remember to go early.  The area around the markets is total chaos so make sure you walk to them as finding a car park is just about impossible.

The majority of the stall-holders make their living from the markets, so in general, the prices and quality are good, and there are bargains to be had.

Get a real taste of the local culture while watching the bustling shoppers banter with vivacious vendors. But most importantly: Don’t forget the food! Seasonal fruits and veggies, farm-made cheeses, fresh fish and meats, and local wines are to be found in the friendly stalls. Italy can boast some of the best food in the world and that food is at its very best in the local markets.

Lucca markets are really very good with an array of everything from shoes to bedspreads, clothes, fruit and vegetables, household items and hardware and everything in between.

dscf8504dscf8507dscf8510The markets are usually cash-only so you should always carry enough cash to get you through the day, and don’t expect vendors to accept credit cards or any other form of payment.

Although visiting the local markets is a great outing they are specifically for the locals and by no means oriented towards tourists so very little of the “cheap” imported products are to be found. However, you will find some items from China etc.

A visit to these local markets, can be a fun, inexpensive day out.