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It had been many years since I last visited Verona so I thought it was time to return when I was in Italy recently.

I had booked a room in a BnB close to the main entrance to the the old wall city. After checking in to the bnb, I grabbed my camera and headed in to the city.  I walked through the main entrance in to the popular Piazza Brà.  Mama mia, I was not prepared for the crowds that were there.  After spending most of my time now days in the regional areas and smaller towns and villages of Italy, Verona was a shock.  But, of course, that is to be expected of Verona.  It is popular, as it is so famous and so very beautiful.

On my previous visit to Verona, I had visited all of the most popular places including the Arena/ Anfiteatro and Casa di Giulietta, so this time I spent time just wandering around the city exploring and visiting whatever was in my path.

After my leisurely lunch in the Piazza della Ragione I walked up to the Ponte Pietra and sat on the wall taking in the loveliest views of the river Adige and the surrounding hills.


dscf9007Late in the afternoon I returned to the Piazza Brà where I spotted the cute little tourist train getting ready to go for its next tour of the city. I was tired so this was a perfect opportunity for me to see more of Verona and rest my legs at the same time.

The 25 minute train ride cost 5 euro and I can easily say, it is the best 5 euro I have spent in Italy in a long time. Sure, it was a very bumpy ride on the old cobblestone streets but it was fun.  I took lots of photos and also laughed a lot as we hit many big bumps just as I was clicking the camera. The train does look a little goofy and touristy but I am so pleased that I went on it.

This Tour of Verona by train provides a good orientation of the city to enable you to plan what you want to see. Sit on the left side if you want to take photos as most of the major sites are on this side. However, you don’t get long to see the sites as the train goes past most of them quite quickly. Nevertheless, there are some quite nice views as you cross the river.

It is an interesting journey passing close to all major monuments, the most beautiful squares, and famous places including the Castel Vecchio, Porta Borsari, Duomo, Piazza Erbe, Balcone di Giulietta, Chiesa di San Fermo, and the Arena.

After a very interesting and fun excursion we returned to the Piazza Brà

This ride around the central city is a great way to get a feel for the town and see some major attractions.  

The alternative is the hop on/off bus which does go further afield however most is accessible by foot, so save the cash and have a little fun on this cute little train!