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Just a quick walk from the Arezzo train station, albeit a little uphill, is the Piazza Grande.


Arezzo Train Station

After arriving in a town or village, one of the first things I do is locate and walk to the town’s main Piazza.  This gives me a feel of the town and also the proximity of where many of the must see’s are. Also, if there is an information centre in town I will visit it.


The centre piece of Arezzo is without any doubt Piazza Grande. The piazza itself is not very big but it has so much to offer. The best way to enter is through the galleria on the east side which is filled with several (good) restaurants. On the South and West side you will find a selection of shops.



The Piazza Grande is the most noteworthy medieval square in Arezzo.

This piazza is really an interesting place to see due to the fact that it is built slanting and also it is surrounded with amazing buildings, the most noted is the Santa Maria delle Pieve.  An interesting fact of this piazza is that some scenes of the famous film La Vita e Bella were shot here.


There are no cars to deal with which adds to the peaceful, convivial nature of this spectacular place.

This beautiful piazza is framed by fine restaurants, antique shops, and an old well along its lower slope.


I chose a cafe to sit. My timing was perfect. Just as I was taking in the view, in rode a group of “veteran” cyclists who were in town for the Giro d’Italia. The atmosphere was exciting. I could see that these cyclists were from Australia and New Zealand and I soon learned that they were all ex Olympians or ex Commonwealth games participants.

The Piazza Grande is for me one of the most beautiful Piazze in Italy. I guess mainly because it is not over crowded like so many others in Italy and it is a great place to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine.

This charming town was not crowded even though the Giro d’Italia was arriving later that day.

Steeped in history – a beautiful place to find a cafe.  

Relax.  Enjoy.