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Every so often I visit a place outside of Italy that I cannot resist writing about on my blog and sharing the photos.

This happened last week when we went to Toowoomba for a mini break. Toowoomba is a city about an hour and a half drive west of Brisbane. It is in an area known as the Darling Downs which is also part of the Great Dividing Range.

On this particular day, we visited the Laurel Bank Park which is beautiful parkland close to Toowoomba’s city centre, featuring spectacular manicured gardens, a scented garden, a playground, picnic area and croquet greens.

Each year the gardens are designed with a theme.  This year’s theme for the main floral display was rock music of the 70s. This tremendous creative effort made a display about various pop and rock groups.


Music Theme

There were many clever shapes made in the flower beds including a keyboard, Michael Jackson,  a trumpet, a guitar, treble cleft and many others.


There is an abundance of green open spaces to sit on, lie on, run or play on with huge shading trees strategically placed to picnic under and the most beautiful & aromatic gardens for your eyes and noses to feast on.

Although you are almost in the heart of the city, this park and its gardens have peacefulness about them. You could easily spend the day here, bring the family to picnic and play in the park or enjoy the food from its neighbouring cafe’s.

The gorgeous Wisteria walk was one of my favourites and the hanging baskets in the trees were stunning.  Well positioned in many places around the park were perfect little statues.

Laurel Bank Park is an exquisite park any time of year but is at its best in the spring, especially during the Carnival of Flowers week showing off its beautiful display of cleverly trimmed and shaped hedges and lovely flowers in every conceivable colour.

A definite must see if you are in Toowoomba, even if you only have a little time.