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After leaving Toowoomba we drove down the mountain via Crow’s Nest. It was a short trip to Spring Bluff, a beautiful valley tucked in the ranges north of Toowoomba and best known for its picturesque railway station.

It’s worth visiting Spring Bluff any time of year, just for the interesting drive down the range off the New England Highway through to Murphy’s Creek. The road meanders through lush bushland, following the path of the creek.



Spring Bluff


Spring Bluff


Spring Bluff

Spring Bluff has a quaint Railway station well worth visiting. It is a heritage listed site located on the main railway line between Ipswich and Toowoomba. Its significance stems from 145 years of railway history. The resident caretaker does an amazing job of planting beautiful spring flowers for the Carnival of Flowers.  Everything is so neat and beautifully kept.

Historical Spring Bluff is a fantastic visit during spring time with all the colour and excitement of the steam train during the carnival of flowers in September. The Railway Station features a cute cafe in the station master’s cottage or you can take your own picnic.  There are lots of picnic tables and chairs plus electric BBQ’s and a large grassy area for children to play. There are also public toilets and you can read a bit of the history of the area in the railway station.

There is no better time to visit Spring Bluff than a sunny day in September with the place a blaze with colour from the flower beds dotted all over and of course the quirky and charming railway station itself