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In addition to the Duomo and the Underground city tour, one of my favorite parts of Orvieto was, Orvieto.


Orvieto is a city and commune in southwestern Umbria. It is only just over an hour train ride from Rome. Trains depart hourly from Roma Termini so it makes it easy to visit Orvieto just for a day. However, if you have the time, I suggest that you spend a couple of days or more there.

The city is a warren of winding narrow streets and beautiful alleyways. While the city walls and the sheer cliff faces that supported them were ample defense in most cases, the city’s rulers decided not to take any risks. The result is a series of winding streets which while somewhat confusing also do a brilliant job of adding charm and character to the town.

Of the many streets I saw and wandered, there were many more I missed.

Street scenes of Orvieto, Piazzas and  Streets

I spent an entire afternoon exploring many of these streets and the city’s series of impressive walls which were added to the tops of the cliffs to further secure the city’s perimeter.

These walls provide a stable series of walkways and viewing platforms for residents and visitors to traverse in search of one of the many amazing views the city offers.

The Town Walls and Views from Orvieto

I ended my afternoon in The Giardini Comunali  which are near Piazza Cahen and set within the walls of the medieval Fortezza Albornoz. From this garden you can enjoy marvelous views of the Paglia river valley.

Giardini Comunali


Orvieto’s funicular connects the railway station to the city’s historic centre by overcoming a vertical distance of 157 metres.

Apart from the city inside the walls, Orvieto is an ideal location for relaxing walks, enjoying the countryside, and outdoor picnics. If you have the time to spend in the area there is so much more to see outside these city walls. I met people on the train going to Rome who had  rented a villa down from the hilltop town  in the valley who told me that they had visited the walled city many times during their week long stay as well as exploring many of the areas below the town on the hill.