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After an unusually long flight we arrived here in Hanoi, Vietnam

This very fascinating city has so much to see and do. After checking in to our hotel, as always we explored the city.

One of the first things we noticed is,  one must have nerves of steel to drive here.  There does not appear to be any road rules but if there are rules then no one is abiding by them.  There are definitely many more motorcycles than cars and everyone must drive with their hand on their horns. For us,  crossing the road was flirting with death.  As for getting around we  needed to walk on the side of the  road as there was no place to walk on the  sidewalks as they were crowded with parked motorcycles.

The main mode of transport is definitely motorcycles and bicycles. It is incredible what these resourceful people can fit on to a bicycle or motorbike, including a family of 4, ladders, baskets of flowers, fruits, vegetables – even move house.

Hanoi, with its population of 9 million people,  is a very busy exciting city which does not appear to sleep.  The architecture is unique and interesting with a combination of Vietnamese and European styles.

We walked to the end of our road to the lake, Westlake which has a variety of activities around it including large groups of men playing board games. You could tell it was a regular event.

Wandering around the city we saw so many interesting and different sights but nothing could prepare me for their power supply to the businesses and homes. I tried to capture this in my photos.

After a day of navigating the city by foot we became more confident crossing the roads and soon were walking around the local areas less stressed. And, we were able to open our eyes to cross the road.

Once you are outside the main part of Hanoi city there was very little traffic

There is so much to do and enjoy here in this vibrant city. More stories and photos to follow.