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It was Wednesday and it was market day in Pistoia. We drove down from Bagni di Lucca and parked the car at Lucca train station and took the morning train to Pistoia.

It is just a 40 minute train ride from Lucca to Pistoia through lovely Tuscan country side and passing by dozens of local nurseries. The area of Pistoia is very well known for the cultivation of plants and flowers exported all over the world, with a long tradition of local nurseries being passed down generation after generation.


The city of Pistoia, a distinctive medieval city, is located in northern Tuscany, halfway between Florence(Firenze)  and Lucca and about 40 km away from each. What a gorgeous town. It is so easy to fall in love with Pistoia.


Miky from https://passion4food4fashion.com/ was waiting for us as our train arrived at the Pistoia train station. I first was introduced to Pistoia through Miky’s blog which I started following a few years ago. Miky is absolutely passionate about her home town and must be their greatest ambassador.

Miky walked with us through the town pointing out every building, statue and landmark with descriptions and information about them all. We stopped at Miky’s favourite bar/cafe for coffee and the best Italian dolce (pastry) I can remember ever enjoying.


We chatted and she filled us in on her involvements in Pistoia including telling us about her family restaurant Pollo d’Oro. Miky I will definitely come to the restaurant next time I am in Pistoia.



After coffee we continued our walk to the Piazza Della Sala where we found the colourful weekly markets. The Piazza Della Sala is a piazza with charm and character, a very traditional market  that sells top quality Italian fruit and vegetables


The piazza was crowded, and the eating places around the square were pretty busy. I always love the atmosphere and vibe of Italian markets and this one was no exception. Extending out towards the street was another market, selling all kinds of household items, clothing, shoes, jewellery, Bric-à-brac plus so much more.


After the markets are finished each week, and everything is packed away, the piazza transforms into a busy hive of activities with its pizzerias, restaurants and bars.  This continues on in to the evenings. We did not stay long enough for the evening activities however it is a definite must for me next time I am in Italy.


From here I took the train on to Ferrara and Debra caught the train back to Lucca.

Thank you Miky for sharing your beautiful town with us.