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It is purple season in SE Qld. In mid spring each year the jacaranda trees around Brisbane start to bloom. I usually think of Jacaranda trees showing off their full fabulous purple colour in November however some years they start blooming in October which was the case this year. It really depends on how cold winter was. This mass of colour in our parks and lining our streets usually lasts about 6 weeks.


Although these trees look very much at home here in the sub tropics they were actually introduced to Australia from Brazil in the 1850’s.

Just a couple of kilometres from Brisbane city centre, situated on the Brisbane River is the leafy suburb of Yeronga. This is where we chose to go for our walk this morning and this is the spectacular sights we experienced.

Here are some of my snap shots taken this morning.  Enjoy.



Also in Yeronga, not far from the river,  is the local park called Jacaranda Park, yes that’s right, Jacaranda Park –  with its purple sun shade.


Jacaranda Park with purple sun shade



Jacaranda Trees


Jacaranda Trees


Jacaranda Trees


Jacaranda Trees

There are many spots around Brisbane with Jacaranda trees. If you live here and you have the time, I recommend take a drive around the suburbs and feast your eyes on some magnificent displays. You will find the trees on the north and south sides, in the parks, lining suburban streets, and even along our bus ways.