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After flying in to Hilo airport, we picked up our rental car to drive up to Volcano National Park. On the way,  our first stop was Big Island Candies which was only a short drive from the airport.


The minute I walked in the door I was impressed. The shop is beautiful.


We were greeted by smiling staff offering us samples of chocolates and shortbread cookies and small cups of complimentary coffee were also offered.

I was first introduced to Big Island Candies years ago but this was my first visit to the shop where their delicious delicacies are made.

The huge selection of candies is quite amazing. As well as the very popular chocolate with macadamia nuts, they have chocolate dipped local treats like chocolate dipped arare, chocolate dipped cuttlefish, chocolate dipped iso peanuts, chocolate dipped li-hing mui, chocolate dipped mochi balls, chocolate dipped animal crackers, and li-hing mui cookies plus many more.

After sampling several of the different chocolates I decided that the chocolate macadamia nut crunch, which are made with milk chocolate and dark chocolate,  were my favourite.

The prices are not cheap but they are all hand made on the premises, are made using top quality ingredients also the packaging is unusual and very beautiful.

As you walk further in to the store, behind glass partitions, you are able to view the workers actually hand dipping the goodies. You can see the cooling tunnel, the chocolate melting machine and the packaging. It was all really very interesting to watch.


Created and run by a local Big Island family, Big Island Candies prides itself on Omiyage- creating the heart of gift giving. An omiyage is a Japanese traditional gift or souvenir you give to friends and family after returning home from a trip. This Omiyage is so much more than just an edible souvenir, though. The content of the boxes is ridiculously divine but the brightly coloured and designed Omiyage boxes make these chocolates and cookies the perfect gift for sharing.



Inside the shop


Very beautiful inside the store


Exquisite Presentation

After an extended visit to this delightful store, giving us time to sample several of the products, we left with a great selection of Big Island candies and big smiles.