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From Brisbane we flew in to Auckland where we spent a few wonderful days. During this time we visited the Auckland waterfront, known as Viaduct Harbour and also visited the Wynyard quarter. We were blessed with magical weather.


Along with many others we enjoyed walking and exploring this very popular area. There were folks on bikes, pushing strollers, walking their doggies and just enjoying this lovely spot where there is also a huge variety of cafes, bars and restaurants to choose from.


This vibrant community of Viaduct Harbour where Auckland city meets the ocean was formerly a rundown commercial harbour but now is a very upscale development with good looking residential apartments. They have done an amazing job with great water views from almost anywhere along this area.

Strolling along past the Viaduct Harbor and across the Wynyard Crossing Bridge we stumbled upon the Wynyard Quarter. With its many luxurious yachts, this area captivates visitors even more. It is definitely a place where locals enjoy as well as visitors. This is the exact type of place that reflects Auckland – a contemporary, multi-cultural, outdoor fun place that incorporates the harbour.


The Wynyard Quarter is a reclaimed piece of land on the harbour at the western edge of the Auckland waterfront. While Wynyard Quarter started out as an area of restaurants and cafes, it has become much more than this and is a pivotal area to walk through connecting the city to the new walkways passing adjacent to Westhaven Marina. Possessing awesome views on a sunny day, it has great atmosphere, and there are plenty of spots to just amble through and take in the sights.

We stopped to watch the opening of the Wynyard crossing bridge which is a pedestrian and cycle bridge. The spans are raised to allow big boats to pass under the bridge. The raising of the bridge depends on the request from the boat owners, so there is no fixed schedule when the span will be risen. We felt lucky, to see it.


Almost to the end of the wharf, we climbed up this raised viewing platform to see over the harbour and towards the harbour bridge. Another magnificent view.



The posing Sky tower on the Auckland skyline could be seen from almost every spot we stopped at along the waterfront and became a regular sight in many of my photos.


We wandered past water features, play areas for children, playgrounds, and basketball courts all alongside the wide walking paths, making this an attractive destination for all ages.


It is an impressive place to walk, take in the sights and have a coffee or a bite to eat. Watch all the ferry’s coming and going – so very peaceful and pretty.