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Whenever I have friends visiting, especially when they are from overseas, I not only get to be tour guide but also a tourist in my own town. And this is exactly what has been happening here in Brisbane over the past couple of weeks. My friends are visiting from Hawaii and I am enjoying exploring with them.

On this particular day we drove to the Gold Coast to have lunch at the Currumbin Beach Surf Life saving club. It is always a great place for locals and visitors. It was a glorious winter’s day of about 24C, with beautiful clear blue sky, stunning beach and great surf.


Looking South towards Coolangatta

After only about an hour’s drive from my home in Brisbane, we arrived at Currumbin beach. We arrived early enough to climb up the iconic Elephant rock which is adjacent to the Currumbin surf club. The stairs up to the top are extremely narrow and quite steep but certainly worth taking the time to climb up to see the spectacular views along the beaches, both north to Surfers Paradise & south to Coolangatta.


Currumbin Surf Club and Elephant Rock

In the surf club restaurant, we chose to sit out on the balcony overlooking the beach and surf where the views are spectacular and the atmosphere surreal. It is the only place on the entire Gold Coast that actually extends out over the high tide mark. There is no other club literally sitting in the ocean to give you an experience like this.


Although the menu is simple it is extensive and we all chose delicious well presented meals.


After lunch we drove a little way up the beach to where there were many surfers and lots of activity.



Currumbin is a great place to learn to surf. It is also great for the locals and experienced surfers. The signs at the beach tell people not to swim as there are so many people learning to surf. The beach is safe but is not to be underestimated as it is at the mouth of a very large river/creek and at times can have very strong currents/sweeps and rips. This is why there are permanent life guards stationed there.


This beautiful beach is immaculately clean and unspoilt and close to good parking plus has showers and toilets.

Currumbin Beach has its own unique cafe culture, with all the cafes facing the ocean offering a wide variety of coffee and cuisine. The village atmosphere is evident here, locals and tourists mingling for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We walked over to the rocks where the surfers were jumping into the surf with their boards. It was super. This is known as the Alley, the famous Alley, where most days the water can be filled with surfers looking for that perfect ride. Linda and I could have stayed there for hours watching. Our phone cameras worked overtime taking many great shots of the guys diving in to the quite aggressive waves.


It was the most perfect winter’s day, and surprisingly not too many people there considering it was school holidays.