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I loved my experience in this market along the river.

There are 2 morning markets in Takayama. One is held in front of the Takayama Jinya, and the other at the Miyagawa River side. We went to both.


At the Miyagawa market, there are many shops and stalls open in approximately 350 meters from Kaji bashi Bridge to Yayoi bashi Bridge along the Miyagawa River which is in the centre of the town.


The shops open their doors and the other vendors set up their spots on the street. Located on the side of the river bank, the morning market is held from about 7 till noon and provides an opportunity to view, and even sample.  The stands sell local crafts, souvenirs, snacks and farm products such as vegetables, pickles, flowers and so much more. The goods are displayed in a tidy and eye catching way. The merchants are not pushy. And, there is No trash in sight as is usual in Japan.

We so enjoyed the morning market. What a treat, we were able to sample many different types of food and also had some great treats along the way from the food vendors. It was a very nice walking pace and it took about 1.5 hours to go through the market. It was such an enjoyable atmosphere sauntering from stall to stall alongside the locals, purchasing and sampling different foods and talking with the vendors.  The stall holders were obviously used to tourists and were keen to answer any questions which we put to them via our guide.


We stopped for a Sake sampling at an old Sake Brewery which was towards the far end of the river side markets.  Although I have had sake on several occasions I was never aware of the so very many varieties and tastes that are available. I guess like wine in a way. There were a few I tasted that I really did enjoy.


All of this, while following the banks of a beautifully clean, flowing river. The river is so clean that huge koi are in abundance, alongside ducks and even the odd crane.

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This was a great way to spend a morning in Takayama