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It does not get much better than a picnic in this beautiful park and that is exactly what we did. Firstly, we stopped by a local super market and bought some snacks and foods to enjoy for our lunch here. We walked a few minutes from the car park and found some large rocks that we sat on to eat our picnic lunch. It was just so nice enjoying Mother nature and was by far so much better than dining in a restaurant


Spahats Creek Falls, is a waterfall on Spahats Creek within Wells Gray Provincial Park of British Columbia, Canada and is only 10 km off Yellowhead Highway. Spahats is the First Nations term for bear and the stream was once known as Bear Creek.

Spahats Creek rises from snowmelt and springs at a pass, it flows 15 km west before tumbling over Spahats Falls and entering the Clearwater River. This place is absolutely stunning. If you stop to think about how these formations are made, it really makes you appreciate the view so much more


It was only a quick walk from the parking lot and there it was in all its glory, a beautiful canyon with a viewing area to see the waterfall. There were extensive views from along the footpath. There are steep cliffs around but the fences and viewing areas are very safe and offer amazing views


The Water was plunging from a deep groove in the canyon into the very deep canyon valley below. The colourful walls of the canyon were covered with overhanging evergreen trees.

I enjoyed the short walk, with each view giving me a different angle of the falls and the colours of the rock cut.

Some of our group walked up further to see the length of the river and the panoramic view of the valley


The lighting was perfect for taking photos and the view was breath-taking.