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We departed from Perth driving north up the Coral Coast through the state’s most spectacular displays of Western Australian wildflowers. Our destination was Monkey Mia.

We visited the towns of New Norcia, Northampton, Geraldton, Kalbarri and Denham with many roadside stops in between, viewing and photographing spectacular wildflower areas boasting carpets of yellow, white and pink everlasting wildflowers.
The wildflower collection in Western Australia is the largest on Earth. With more than 12,000 species, over 60% of which are found nowhere else on Earth, they colour the landscapes from coast to forest and city to outback.
Western Australia’s Coral Coast is wildflower country year round, however, displays are at their best between July and October when inland areas are in full bloom and carpets of brilliant colour blanket the region.

Wherever we went along the Coral Coast wildflower trail we were dazzled by the diverse range of wildflowers that were growing along the side of the road. My friends mentioned that the wild flowers were better last year but I was not disappointed with what we saw this year. Here are some of my photos. I hope you enjoy.

One week later we returned to Perth after a truly memorable time on the Coral Coast of Western Australia.

The golden wattle, Australia’s floral emblem.