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They call it the End of the Road, a final destination for west-bound nature lovers, ocean worshipers and adventure seekers.

The drive from Nanaimo to Tofino took us about 4 hours with multiple stops along the way to explore the rugged beauty, snap photos and simply reflect on this vast  place in this part of the world. This glorious road trip was not going to be rushed.


Along the Way

We departed with a car packed to the gunnels with everything we could possibly need on our 4 day trip. Linda catered for every kind of weather, food for picnics, bbqs, and snacks to keep us sustained along the way.


Our first stop on the west coast was Tofino the surf town. Tofino is one of the island’s most popular spots with its dramatic and mystical beaches.  It is a natural paradise in itself, with its ancient rainforests, rivers and a striking mountain.


Just outside of Tofino is one of Canada’s most incredible beaches – Long Beach. It is breathtaking, unspoiled & unlike anywhere else. Few places can you go where the rain-forest meets the sea and sit on a giant log and be silent except for the sounds of the waves. I live in a country that is known for it’s beaches but Tofino beach is so very dramatic and unique and nothing like any other beach that I have experienced anywhere else in the world.

We walked forever along Long Beach and although it was summer we had plenty of beach to ourselves. This beach stretches for miles and is on the open Pacific Ocean between Tofino and Ucluelet. This very impressive beach lends itself to exotic wildlife walks and bird watching.


We sat on the logs (driftwood washed up by the ocean)  people-watching and with the marine fog it was quite a mystical setting. There were also several very friendly dogs which were not bothering anyone and just having fun.

We took a break and we ate our picnic lunch which included Nanaimo Bars, at one of the many table and chairs that are situated close to the sand.



This wild and remarkable beach is accessible through a number of entrances off the highway between Ucluelet and Tofino.

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 Yes it is the End of the Road, but when we arrived and stepped onto the beach, we realize it was just the beginning of a new journey into another ethereal world.

Long Beach is amazing with its beautiful clean sands and perfect surf.