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Just 10 minutes up the road from Tofino is the town of Ucluelet.  If you are having trouble pronouncing it, you are not alone. This may help.  Slowly say, You Clue Let, but if it is easier, just say Ukee like the locals.  Ucluelet means “people of the safe harbour”.

Ucluelet is situated on the edge of the Wild Pacific Ocean. The town  offers beaches, restaurants, unique shops and galleries, a mini aquarium and a range of accommodation choices. The motto of Ucluelet is “Living on the Edge” due in part to its location on a peninsula surrounded by water.

Our accommodation was in Ucluelet where we stayed for 4 days overlooking the marina. It was so convenient to everywhere in the area.





Not far from our accommodation was the Lighthouse Loop, which is one of the top Ucluelet hikes. This loop is part of the nine-kilometre Wild Pacific Trail. The Lighthouse Loop (2.5km) offers dramatic views of Barkley Sound and the Amphitrite Lighthouse.

On a very foggy morning (known as marine fog) we visited the photogenic Amphitrite Point Lighthouse  which is an active lighthouse perched high on the rocks. From here we walked the Lighthouse Loop portion of the Wild Pacific Trail and were enraptured by all the many gorgeous viewpoints, most of which have sturdy benches for resting and studying the ocean, watching for birds and mammals.


The trail is incredibly well-made, well-maintained, and well-signposted. The whole area is filled with information about the sights and sounds of this magnificent rain forest route. The ocean vistas are second-to-none, providing a perfect glimpse of the awesome power of the Pacific, while demonstrating the stoic survival of coastal tree lines


We made a point of taking in all the viewpoints which were only a few seconds off the main trail.  These viewpoints provided a rustic theme as they used driftwood / natural materials and there were benches to sit on and reflect.  Although the loop can be completed in 45-60 minutes we allowed plenty of time, giving us the opportunity to take lots of photos and generally enjoy the entire experience.


The combination of rain forest and rugged coastline kept it really interesting, the stunning scenery and the graveled trail to walk along and follow made it an easy walk. The trail was accessible to all ages and abilities.


We experienced Mother Nature at her most magnificent on this Wild Pacific Trail.