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Just 10 hours drive, Denham is 837 kilometres northwest of Perth. Denham is part of the Shark Bay World Heritage area and lies on the western side of the Peron Peninsula.

We checked in to the Heritage Resort which is right in the centre of town. My front room with balcony overlooked the beautiful beach and Shark Bay


Gorgeous and relaxing, with beautiful beaches and clear blue waters, Denham is a great gateway for exploring the beautiful and fascinating Shark Bay World Heritage Area.


From Denham we visited some of Australia’s most amazing natural wonders, including WA’s famous  Monkey Mia dolphins, Hamelin Pool stromatolites, Eagle Bluff and Shell Beach.

Monkey Mia

Just a short 30 minutes drive from Denham lies Monkey Mia, best known for the bottlenose dolphins. This is where we experienced dolphins swimming close to shore and also enjoyed our cruise on the magnificent Artistocat catamaran.


Hamlin Pool

Is home to the most diverse and abundant examples of stromatolites in the world. While they may look like ordinary rocks, stromatolites are considered ‘living fossils’.  They are in fact microbial reefs formed by cyanobacteria. We walked along the 200m boardwalk that provided us with  excellent views of the stromatolites.


Shell Beach

Most beaches in the world are full of sand, but Shell Beach is made up of millions and millions of shells.  These shells come from the abundance of cockle in Shark Bay, making this very interesting beach unique and rare. The water around the beach is much saltier than usual and crystal clear.


 Eagle Bluff

Just 15 mins from Denham, Eagle Bluff is a high cliff overlooking the ocean and surrounding area. The water here which was just so so clear houses the largest sea grass mass in the world which feeds the Dugong living in the area. These Dugong each eat about 70 kilos of sea grass per day. We took a leisurely walk along the boardwalk where the ocean views from this vantage point were breathtaking, and we saw turtles, rays and large fish in the shallow waters below.


At the end of each fabulous day we met up on the Resort lounge balcony to enjoy a cold glass of champagne while we relished the extraordinary experience of a Western Australian sunset.


Another simply stunning experience during my time in Western Australia