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While staying in Margaret River we visited Canal Rocks with the 40 k’s trip taking us about 35 mins.

Canal Rocks is a series of granite rocks in the Indian Ocean in South-West Western Australia


The rock formation takes its name from the narrow channel between the rocks that has formed from the coastal waters eroding the granite over time.


Canal Rocks rock formation is amazing. The Indian Ocean has carved crevasses and channels into the rocks of the headland leaving a network of patchy rocky islands.  These channels can be observed from a raised wooden boardwalk which we walked along out onto the rocks. As the path reaches the rocks, a wooden path or footbridge took us around the north side of the rocks and brought us face-to-face with the canal, which is why Canal Rocks is named.

This is an area of great beauty. These rock formations, which have been hollowed out by the pounding sea are ancient and unusual


I could spend hours here just watching the wave motion, which allows you to get a great perspective of the wild sea as it surges through the rocks. While we were there we were thrilled to watch 6 whales frolicking not far from the shore. They were breaching, and flapping their fins and tails for ages. What a glorious sight.

Over thousands of years the Indian Ocean has washed these rocks clean and yet they stand, cracks and all. Remarkable!!

Facing north towards Cape Naturaliste, the views from the car park are also spectacular, which was good for some of the ladies in our group who chose not to walk out to the rocks.


Canal Rocks is unspoiled and offers stunning scenery. It was just lovely to take photos and sit and watch the waves roll in. Most definitely it is a photographers paradise any time of the day.

It is a great piece of natural scenery and it is free!