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When I first decided to go in to self isolation, I thought “how hard could this be!!”

So, firstly, I did some planning for this isolation period, including stocking the freezer with fresh foods, mainly for Buddy, stocking the pantry, picking up some yarn from the craft store and then I bought some new plants from the nursery for my garden.

On the first day, I thought, o,o, maybe this will be harder than I thought as I am usually always out and about. Then I made a mental plan.  This plan was to fill every day with a variety of chores, pleasures and relaxes.

My days start early. Buddy and I always go to the park at the end of my street, and we are there before most people are up. If we do see anyone, we wave and smile from a distance.


Then after the park my day at home begins with my list of jobs for the day, which include time in the garden.  It is Autumn here and the weather is spectacular so time in the garden is heaven on earth. I alternate gardening with jobs inside the house. I have accomplished chores that may never have been done before isolation became mandatory. I have taken up knitting again after many decades not knitting, I watch some great stuff on YouTube and I treat myself to a couple of long phone calls with friends each day.

Before I know it, it is my glass of wine time and time to get dinner ready. So, in actual fact, my first week of isolation has been delightful. However, who knows how I will feel in another month or 2 or however long this takes.

One of the saddest things for me in this change of living was the closing down of my church. Buddy and I go to church each Sunday. When we arrive everyone’s faces light up with smiles as soon as they see Buddy and for Buddy it is his happy place, and mine.

Our Priest made a plan. He gave us all candles that he blessed for us to light each Sunday morning at home at our normal service time, along with a prayer sheet, a sermon for the day and readings from the bible. On Sunday morning at 8.30, I lit the candle and we had our remote service.

Also. I sent an email to the parishioners in our congregation. And, it was  a reply that I received from Christine that prompted me to write this post.

Christine wrote:

There is no doubt that we are living in  Geraldine Brooks  “Year of Wonders”  and we shall hopefully emerge stronger and more resilient at the end.

For me church music forms a great part of the service. In the absence of that I am looking to You Tube to fill a void. So I would like to share this video of Emmanuel Kelly singing the Beatles’ song  “IMAGINE” with the band, Cold Play. It gave me goose bumps when I first saw it.


While watching this video, I reflected on the here and now and yes, I experienced more than goose bumps.  Just “ Imagine” if this virus can make people get  back to basics so that in the words of the song “And the world will live as one”.

Peace be with you.


Stay well.